ZION, a majestic four days cultural fest is recognized as one of the protracted pomp youth festivals of India. Like a flowing river whose origin and history is alluded in itself, ZION encompasses lavish history, splendid culture and a profoundly rich heritage of COER, Roorkee which is worth remembering even by posterity.

Organized by- OORJA The Cultural Committee, College of engineering Roorkee

OORJA- The Cultural Committee, is the single gigantic committee in COER providing a platform for various cultural activities Recognising this event of gargantuan proportions The broad objectives of ZION is to identify, enhance and showcase talent in the fields of

With larger than life themes engulfing thrill and adventure, ZION embodies the spirit of life and gaiety, by living up to its expectations.

“It will be melting pot of Ideas, innovations, music, art and dance”

Apart from amusement, this gallant occasion curtains the study of world lying outside the books for students. The values it provides are notable for life ahead such as optimism, leadership quality, courage, pragmatism and much more with challenging events.

Young people acclaim these eventful four days among the titillating moments of their youth and herein lay the real beauty and splendour of ZION, which is all set to leave its audience flabbergasted with hearty welcome and an ever charming aura.
Faculty COORDINATORAkhil Dangwal
Faculty COORDINATORBhupal Arya
ZION'17 CO-ORDINATORS: Mohit Kumar +919410748330 Ankit Kalura +919690368228
EVENT HEADS: Vikas +917260039007 Ayush +918791013588 Tanuj +919045700628
SPONSORSHIP: Umang Gupta +919719734879